Improve SEO for your K2 content

K2 Canonical Links


Do you care about SEO? Are you tired of being penalized by Google for having a duplicate content? Install Canonical Links For K2 and you'll get the following features:

  • In Top 5 K2 extensions
  • Free download
  • Item view
  • Category/Itemlist view
  • Tag view
  • User view
  • Latest view
  • Permanent redirection option
  • Pagination series
  • No support

Also included

  • Automatic updates
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x
  • PHP 5.3+, PHP 7 recommended
  • Unlimited use (GNU/GPL licence)



With Canonical Links for K2 ranked in Top 5 K2 extensions you will get true canonical links for your K2 articles. We have tried other solutions offered on the market, tried Joomla 3 native solution, and found out that they all had issues, as reported on various forums around the web. We applied our 5+ years of experience with Joomla and K2 and developed a new plugin to solve canonical problem once and for all.

If you can reach the same K2 article with links like:

All of them will have the same canonical link! Not only that, but you can choose to automatically redirect users to your canonical page.

Tags and categories are fully supported. We also set canonicals for paginated series, so that Google can index properly your categories with more than one page.

Plugin is carefully tweaked so that the most appropriate link is chosen, based on your menu structure!

Backend options:

options k2 canonicals

3.35 (2018/04/20)

* Joomla older than 3.8.2 could show a warning when sh404sef not installed

3.34 (2018/04/07)

+ Improved compatibility with sh404sef

3.33 (2017/12/20)

* K2 Content tools module broken because of the plugin

3.32 (2017/12/13)

* Some systems to not detected properly if tag is filtered
* Some systems require to check against urldecoded tag as well when searching for the tag menu
* Fixed pagination link in combination with sh404sef

3.31 (2017/03/20)

* Check if menu has a different language than default

3.30 (2017/02/13)

* Joomla 2.5: properly detect whether url rewriting is enabled

3.29 (2017/01/25)

* When url rewriting is disabled (/index.php/ shows in all links), canonical link may not be correct

3.28 (2017/01/23)

* Set canonical for itemlist view where there is no ID set (rare)

3.27 (2016/11/23)

* Properly encode canonical link for K2 tags with spaces
* Language code wasn't always detected

3.26 (2016/08/23)

* Encode canonical link parts, improvement for links with utf-8 characters

3.25 (2016/05/02)

+ One click updates using native Joomla interface

3.24 (2016/03/12)

+ Option to enable/disable redirection between slashed and non-slashed page
* K2: Do not redirect ChronoForms for K2

3.23 (2016/02/28)

* Potential infinite redirect loop for the homepage

3.22 (2016/02/27)

* Differentiate links with and without a trailing slash
+ Enable Chronoforms support in item view

3.21 (2016/02/10)

* Full PHP 7 support
* Canonical for tag with own menu would sometimes be incorrect

3.20 (2016/01/30)

+ Added support for 'latest' view

3.19 (2015/12/14)

+ Option to remove trailing slash from canonical links
+ Option to remove canonical link when on canonical page
* Don't execute the plugin if component option was overriden via POST

3.18 (2015/08/09)

* remove possible notice in error log (no negative influence otherwise)

3.17 (2015/08/03)

* make sure the plugin is activated only for html views, and not for json etc

3.16 (2015/07/31)

* fix compatility between date filtering from K2 tools module and permanent redirect

3.15 (2015/06/26)

+ Added full support with pagination for User view in K2
* Fixed a potential issue with redirection and query ignore parameter

3.14 (2015/06/19)

* do not redirect non-sef urls with raw output

3.13 (2015/06/16)

+ Added an option to ignore query in url's for permanent redirection

3.12 (2015/05/14)

+ Added support for itemllist view filtered by date using K2 Tools

3.11 (2015/05/07)

* Improved redirection mechanism

3.10 (2015/05/05)

* Improved compatibility with JotCache and System Language Filter plugin

3.9 (2015/03/26)

* Improved compatibility with Language filter system plugin

3.8 (2015/01/21)

* Improve canonical link for tag pages with filtered categories

3.7 (2014/10/11)

+ added parameter to choose default menu item for tag canonical links

3.6 (2014/07/14)

+ added parameter to enable permanent redirection to canonical version of a link

3.5 (2014/06/04)

* tag pages where tag name had a space character didn't have the optimal canonical link

3.4 (2014/03/03)

+ Added an option to override automatically generated canonical link for an item or a category

3.3.1 (2014/02/05)

* small tweak for 'prev' and 'next' links

3.3 (2014/02/01)

+ support for paginated canonical links with rel='prev' and rel='next' for category and tag views

3.2 (2014/01/02)

+ support for Additional Categories for K2 plugin

3.1.4 (2013/10/18)

* support for tags with non-latin characters
* tweaked canonical link for subcategorized articles

3.1.3 (2013/10/13)

+ support for tag views